My (Non Toxic!) Winter Skin Care Routine

I have always been obsessed with all things skincare. Being your largest organ I’ve always thought it was important to treat your skin well and have always had a particular, perhaps, narcissistic interest in doing my best to look after my face. I have always tried to take good care of my skin; using sunscreen, highly recommended products, rarely allowing myself to fall asleep with makeup on, you name it.

Despite my affinity for well kept skin, I hadn’t been to the dermatologist since having Olivia. With the reality of that timeframe along with my age, that became a priority for me last year when I made my 35 Before 35 list. I did make it in and luckily had a great check up. After hearing the good news, I was eager to also learn my doctor’s product recommendations for my very sensitive and also somehow now, aging skin. I bought everything she recommended and was eager to get started with my new round of products. But as soon as I got home and took everything out, I had major buyers remorse.

I am somewhat neurotic about what products I’ll put on Olivia and as I stared at my very non-natural products, scattered all over my bed, I suddenly wondered why I didn’t have the same standards for myself. I reminded myself I had tried a handful of natural cosmetic and bath products in the past and honestly, hadn’t liked any of them. (Or found any of them to be all that effective.) I assumed you needed the not so safe and what I have since learned, down right bad for you ingredients to get the results I wanted. I posted this dilemma on Instagram and so many of you shared my sentiments and even encouraged me to stick with the doctor’s products based on your own experiences, too.

Despite lamenting over the purchase, I decided to give the whole new regime a try. And while I did have good results, after a few months, I just didn’t like feeling (and knowing!) I was slathering some not so safe ingredients on my skin. I We have never used anything but clean and natural products on Olivia. Over the years, we have been slowly eliminating chemicals and toxins from our home- cleaning products, candles, medicines…I had finally found a couple of safer makeup products I liked, and I knew I wanted to re-visit a safer skin care regime for myself.

I started searching for natural AND EFFECTIVE skin care and found True Botanicals, which has clinical trials and data to prove the effectiveness of their safe products. The deeper I dug, the more raves I read and the more I found veteran natural beauty bloggers who swear by it. Coincidentally around the same time I started my search, I asked my girlfriend Kristin what she was using because her skin was absolutely radiant. When she told me this was what she was using, I was totally sold on trying them out and was hoping I’d look as youthful and rested as she did!

I decided to go with their Renew line because of my interest in anti-aging, but they do have a couple others to choose from too. Each products smells and feels amazing. Now that I have been using these products for several months, I am totally hooked. I really don’t know how' I’d ever use anything else!

I use the—

Nourishing Cleanser: The cleanser smells great. It isn’t drying nor does it leave your face feeling tight.. My face feels so clean after this and one or two pumps gets all of my makeup off.

Nutrient Mist Toner: A few mists of this heavenly smelling spray makes you feel so refreshed and hydrated. I swear when my eyes are closed I almost forget I’m not at a spa.

Pure Radiance Oil: Ok. This is possibly my favorite item from the line. I don’t think I will ever go back to a traditional moisturizer. It is so hydrating but not at all greasy and again, smells amazing. It’s the perfect foundation for a little bit of makeup, too- I feel like everything I use sits really well on it. If you’re staying bare faced, I feel like it gives you a great subtle glow.

Repair Serum: This is for nighttime only. A couple pumps for an extra layer of care to help reverse signs of aging and sun damage. It’s not sticky and feels wonderful.

Eye Serum: This lasts forever. A tiny little bit around the eye area goes a long way and it helps brighten dark circles and diminish fine lines.

During the winter, I have enjoyed giving myself a little extra moisture boost 1-2x a week with their Resurfacing Moisture Mask. It just sits on your face for a few minutes and leaves you feeling extra dewy and hydrated.

The products are really incredible. Their standards for safety are superb and the ingredients are not only organic and natural, but they’re safe, too. You can read more about that, here. They are definitely not the least expensive option out there, but they smell and feel SO GOOD on my skin. Much better than what I was using before and my skin looks just as good, dare I say, maybe even better. :) What I love most is how I feel when I use them; like I am really taking care of my skin and really, myself. I honestly feel like I’m at the spa when I use them and look forward to using them every morning and every night. I feel SUCH gratitude with each pump, spritz and drop.

You may recall when we started using essential oils, I started using Frankincense on my face and was shocked at the difference I could see. The best visual results I have honestly seen in my facial skin care in my entire life is using Frankincense. I swear it’s like botox in a bottle. It’s great as a spot treatment on fine lines, or even with a drop or two of fractionated coconut oil to use all over for more of a brightening/smoothing boost. For me the results were almost immediate and I have some friends who experienced the same. This is a must have for me. I was a little self conscious about my frown lines on my forehead and they are so improved since using this. I’m so thankful!

For my body care, I have been using something a little unexpected. I have been using fractionated coconut oil with Joy essential oil. My skin is both sensitive and dry; especially in the winter months. I originally started using this because I ran out of my lotion…but so far I’m loving it even more than anything I’ve tried. The oil absorbs quickly and really hydrates. Adding in the essential oil gives me a nice touch of (safe!) fragrance, but more importantly a little emotional support. I sometimes struggle with winter blues and this is such a wonderful and uplifting tool that really shifts my mood.

I’ve been so happy with everything I have been using lately and am so grateful for all of the safer options. It seems there has been tremendous progress in the “safe beauty” world over the last five years when I first started becoming aware of ingredients in my personal products. I feel so much better knowing I am taking good care of myself and am so excited to have found a ritual I so look forward to so much that brings me such joy and clear, tangible results.

Stay tuned for more favorite natural finds— I’m using some new to me, safe products in the shower too, that I’ll be sure to share soon.