Wishing You A Royal Valentine's Day!

No matter what season you’re in or how you’re celebrating…you are SO LOVED! We wish you the most joyful Valentine’s Day full of LOVE and fun!

If you followed along on Instagram last night you may have seen my decor mishap…! But we had a fun morning regardless! She loved her annual heart pancakes for breakfast and also enjoyed a few treats before school. We are making heart shaped pizzas tonight for our second year in a row and Olivia can’t wait to continue the festivities when daddy gets home. This was her first year being at school for this holiday (any holiday actually!) and though I am missing my girl, I am so excited to hear about her fun day. She was certainly the fanciest girl there :) She was so excited to get dressed up today! The school director was so sweet. When she saw us, she said “this should really be called Olivia Baldwin Day! We’re all just channeling our inner Olivia!”

Her teachers were equally sweet and one said he wondered what she’d wear today! I love that they all know she was born for this holiday! Our little pink loving, tender hearted sweetie!

I wanted to share the little valentines we mailed to some of our loved ones, too! They were so much fun to make with my mom (Thanks, Gigi!!) and they were such a hit with all the kids. I thought it would be fun to give the kids something a little more than a paper valentine, and love that these not only gave the kids a takeaway but they also gave them a little project, too. For my princess ballerina, these crowns were the perfect idea. I just love how they turned out. You can keep this idea in your back pocket for next year! I think they are so fun! <3

Wishing you a beautiful day and sending so much love your way!