12 Valentine's Day Books For Kids

Hip, hip hooray! Valentine's Day is only a couple of weeks away! We have always loved this sweet holiday and of course, are always down for an excuse to add more pink to our place! ;) (I'll be sharing some of our decor soon!) We are counting down even more this year as it marks the halfway point between the new year and our trip to Disney, so it really can't come quick enough!

I'm so glad you guys are loving the Valentine's Day Shop! I'm constantly adding things there for women and kids, as well as men (a big request!) So be sure to check often if you're still looking for thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

One thing we do for Olivia at each holiday is get her a new book. We are avid readers at our home and I want to encourage and nurture her love for it as much as I can. Adding a book at the holidays makes it easy to update your library and keep things fresh without having to do a total revamp and it’s always fun to celebrate each holiday in this way. Each year there are always great new options to add to your longtime faves. Today, I'm sharing 12 children's books all about love that are perfect for your little ones this holiday. 

2019 valentines day books kids.jpg

You Belong Here my mom gave this to Olivia last year and it’s such a beautiful book. Just like the moon and stars belong in the sky and winter belongs after fall, this books reminds children they are right where they belong. “You are a dream that the world once dreamt and now you are part of its song…”

Love Is is such a tender story about a little girl and a duck who learn about the importance of and joy in taking care of each other as well as the idea of love calling you to both hold tight and let go.

BabyLit’s Romeo and Juliet is such a sweet simplified version of the classic tale.

My Mother In Law gave Love Is A Tutu to Olivia a couple years ago and it’s so darling. It’s a long time favorite and perfect for your dancing sweethearts. There is another version, Love Is A Truck that is equally adorable. I love the illustrations in both of them so much, too.

The I Love You Book was one of our favorites when Olivia was a baby. Whether it’s when you’re acting happy or sad the book reminds your child they are so loved exactly how they are.

Wherever You Go My Love Will Find You is the sweetest book that may even just leave you in tears if you’re anything like me! We got this for Olivia on her first Valentine’s Day and I just love the message of parents’ love that follows them no matter where they go. I think this book is so lovely for kids of all ages.

Love You Forever is another tearjerker for a lot of mamas. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living, My baby you'll be." My mom gave me this book when I went away to college. She gave me another copy for my baby girl when I was pregnant and we were building her library. It’s such a precious story.

Hug Machine I love this sweet story about a little boy who gives the world the most irresistible hugs.

Babies Love Valentines is a playful introduction to Valentine’s Day traditions with fun interactive flaps.

For Olivia this year, I can’t decide between The Little Princess book; a sweet story all about the value of love and friendships (now that she’s a big girl in school!) or this sweet and silly one, I Love You Like No Otter. I think my jokester will love these punny ways to say I Love You.

And because books can be so much more fun in your jammies, I'm sharing a few pairs that are so perfect!

Do you have a book your kids love for Valentine's Day? I'd love to know!