Nine Natural Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

Admittedly, I am kind of a product junkie. I love trying new things. I really love testing out what may work best for me in different seasons (literally and figuratively.) There are what feels like endless options which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but when I find something I love, it makes the quest totally worth it.

When I was pregnant with Olivia I became really interested in cleaner products. From our laundry soap and cleaning supplies to her bath soaps and lotion, I didn't want anything unsafe for my girl and her sweet, perfect, fresh, new skin. I have found so many amazing products for her that we absolutely love. (I'll have to do another post on those soon!) Finding natural products for me, however, has proven to be a little bit more of a challenge. Honestly, many of them are pricey and just don't give the same results, which is important to me.

Now, I don't know that I'll ever totally convert to using all natural skincare and makeup. I've got some longtime favorites (like my signature lipstick and bronzer along with many others, that I'll share sometime too!) that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to part with. But, I do love the idea of using cleaner products where I can. And I'm open to finding new faves. If I can have some balance in my medicine cabinet, I'll call it a win :)

For now, I'm excited to share nine natural beauty products I'm really loving. A few of them I found through my research for Ms. Liv.

1. Lanolips 101 Ointment. This balm is a great alternative to aquaphor. It's a thicker consistency that really is multi purpose. I use it on my lips, but it would be great on cuticles or other dry patches too.

2. Herbivore Brighten Mask. If you can stop yourself from eating the amazing pineapple smelling mask, you will be amazed to see the results you get. I really did feel like my skin was brighter after just one use.

3. French Girl Organics Toner. This face mist has been a long time favorite. I found this brand a while ago and adore many of the products in the line. This one is really refreshing after you wash your face before you moisturize, and also a terrific mid-day pick me up. 

4. Burt's Bees Grapefruit Chapstick. This only halfway counts because it's Olivia's favorite. It smells so delicious and is so moisturizing. She loves carrying "her lipstick" with us and I love that I'm not wasting my expensive stuff and wiping off sticky pink gloss. :) It's also a nice alternative for chapped lips if you don't like using your finger to apply.

5. Ella + Mila Nail Polish. I initially bought these nailpolishes for Olivia and we absolutely love them. They go on really easily and evenly, dry quickly, and aren't too smelly. They have a good selection of colors and I feel like the polish really lasts. We always finish with the quick drying top coat. 

6. Ella + Mila Nail Polish Remover. This is also amazing. It's pricey, much pricier than others. But it works wonderfully. It smells really pleasant and isn't drying or irritating at all. I feel like it's a little slower to remove the polish, but I love the results. Their cuticle oil is amazing too, FYI.

7.  Badger Sunscreen. I can't stress enough how much we love Badger. Their baby sunscreen was recommended to me when Olivia was a baby, and we are obsessed with it. We decided to try the adult version and love it just as much. Both are thicker formulas so I can see how some people might feel like they are greasy. But it doesn't bother us at all. We've never had a single burn and I love that it doesn't smell like sunscreen. It always makes the safest sunscreen list which is a big plus on my list.

8. Everyone Baby Wipes. These wipes are great for cleaning your hands on the go or wiping your face before a workout. They are durable and have a really nice subtle smell.

9. Schmidt's Deodorant. This is probably the product I am most excited about. I feel like I have tried several natural deodorant options over the years and none of them work. This one goes on smooth, keeps me fresh, and I love the gentle scent.

I'm sure there will be more to come as my neverending quest for great products continues. I'll be updating you often.

What about you? Any natural products you swear by? I'd love to know! xo