Winter Running Essentials

Training for a half marathon in the worst weather of the year is not easy. It's definitely been tough to keep up as much as I had planned on, but I am working hard on getting back into a groove now that the holidays are behind us and Chris is back at work. I'm also really hoping the worst of the winter germs are behind us. Olivia and I have really been down for the count lately.

I originally planned to do a lot of running indoors this winter, but after trying it, I really disliked it. Even in the cold, I much prefer actually being outside and running somewhere. So I'll be sticking with running outside as much as possible.

Getting some good warm gear has been crucial for me and I wanted to share a few of my favorites. You definitely need some great basics--  ear warmer and/or hat, gloves/mittens and lots of layers. I usually do a tank, long sleeve and a jacket. In addition to those, I have been loving this neck warmer. It was seriously a game changer for me. Before I had it I felt like the cold air was just too hard breathing it in. This has been amazing. I also found fleece lined running pants that are really great, too. They are pricey, but well worth it. Since they are athletic pants they don't get sweaty or yucky on the fleece during the run which is really nice and they are extremely warm.

I'm also loving my new Fitbit Charge. I purchased a set of interchangeable bands which is nice since I'm trying to be good about wearing it every day, all day. It's nice to have some options. I'm sharing a bunch more of of my favorites below! I'd love to know if you have any that aren't shown!

One last piece to my running puzzle is a great play list. I need to sit down and put something really good together to keep me going. If you have any favorite songs that really motivate you (or make you feel like dancing!) please share them!