Mama + Me: Winter Bucket List

Chicago winters can be brutal. With negative temps and piercing winds, sometimes just bundling up to get to the car and making it with all 7 layers in tact can feel like a victory. At one point each year I usually start to make plans for our permanent re-location somewhere warm. But then of course spring comes and I forget all about my winter woes :)

While it's still been really cold, this winter is feeling a little different. You may recall our plans to send Olivia to pre-school this fall which has these next several months feeling really sacred. It's the last leg of my sweetest, happiest season. I wish every day for the rest of time could be a mama and Liv day and I want to be sure to really soak in what are feeling like some "lasts" for us before I have to share her. :)

I decided to start a winter bucket list for us to help us not only get through the next few tough weather months, but also to be very intentional in our time together and hopefully create some really fun memories during our last winter at home together. (Enter sobbing emoji here!!) We had so much during the holidays. We went to zoo lights, the kriskindlemarket and also the tree lighting at Wrigley Field, to the indoor snow globe at the Children's Museum, to holiday tea at The Drake, we went to the Nutcracker, enjoyed her first recital and so much more.

Here are some things I'd like for us to do over the next few least once.

1. Go sledding

2. Make snowballerinas (she's not interested in making snowmen! ha!)

3. Go ice skating for the first time!

4. Snuggle in bed and have a movie marathon all day. (Maybe we can do this a few times! ;) )

5. Dance in the snow

6. Make a cozy treat she'll enjoy together while we drink warm apple cider. (She doesn't like hot chocolate?!)

7. Decorate for Valentine's Day

8. Make Valentine's and send them to our loved ones

19. Work with Olivia more on learning to read

10. Get Olivia a library card and visit the library often

11. Visit a new to Olivia museum- maybe the Museum of Science and Industry

12. Have a spa day at home with lots of makeup, manicures, cucumber water and more!

What about you? Do you have a winter bucket list? Or any other fun things you love to do to help get you through to spring? I'd love to add more to our list! Stay warm! xo

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