Mama + Me Christmas: Our Wish List

I had a lot of requests for my wish list as well as Olivia's wish list so I decided to put one last board together with the items we're hoping Santa brings.

When I asked Olivia what she wanted for Christmas she thought hard and said she wanted a kitchen, a leotard and tutu and maybe a pink game.

We looked at kitchens together online and out of all of them she said this one was her favorite.  It's so darling albeit pricey. My mom has this one at her house and it's been great. However, we want her to have something different at home, and I also think she'll grow out of it soon. It's really nice for younger babes but I think as she gets older it will just be too petite. I have already loaded up on some play food that was in the Dollar Bins at Target a couple weeks ago. A total score.

A long sleeve leotard will be a great addition to her wardrobe. This tutu feels so special and I like that it's a wrap waist that's more likely to grow with her. This little beaded cape is so cute and fun for dressing up or for extra fancy days. I also love this option for something more every day and a little warmer for winter.

I'm not sure yet what we are doing about a "pink game" though I saw this ballet studio set and I think she would absolutely love it. 

My cousins got her a Princess in Black Book for Easter. It's a bit of an older book series so we sometimes skip around a bit, but she seems to really like it. Every time she sees the image of the Princess Party Book in the back of it, she asks if we can get that one. 

Ever since we saw Leap, I have been thinking she may want a jewelry box with a ballerina inside. The main character carries a little music box similar to this one and since she's been calling herself Félice, I think she may love that. 

She would also go crazy for this piggy ballerina. In fact she saw me working on this and she said "oooh mommy I like that!!" and pointed right to it. :) You may remember she was Rosita the pig for Halloween, and she also likes Peppa Pig (and then of course ballet!) so it's perfect for her.

When Chris saw the Cubetto he really wanted to get it for her. Being an AP Computer Science teacher, he can hardly wait for her to enjoy something in that realm and this is the perfect intro to coding. 

Her pink hair bows are so well loved (and some have gone missing!) so a new one will likely end up in her stocking, along with one or two of these bath toys. They are all natural and don't have any holes so there is no need to worry about mold and the need to replace them. I don't think we'll ever be able to part with her beloved ballerina set, but I would love to trade in some of her others for these.

Last but not least is the adorable mommy and me nail polish set. It's her two favorite colors and she would love painting our nails together. I also love this set and know she'd love all the different shades of pink.

My wish list is not quite as cute as hers, but it's almost as pink. :) It's been years since I have switched my eyeglasses and I love this blush set of frames for a softer look than the black pair I currently have. I have been eyeing this curling iron set and hair brush for a long time. Both are investment items but I have heard nothing but good things. My hair seems to be getting dryer with more breakage as I get older and I have awful tangles after the shower and I'm hoping this brush may be a helpful tool in taking care of my colored locks. My current curling iron is on it's last legs and this one seems to be a great replacement.  I also seem to misplace every hair tie that I own, so I'd love to stock up on some.

You may remember from my 35 before 35 list that I'm hoping to read four books in the next year. Chasing Slow is one of the books on my list. I'm also planning to run a half marathon and this fitness tracker and armband would be great additions to my training program. 

I love this pretty blush skirt, these darling blush gloves, and these swoon worthy pearl embellished flats. They're all gorgeous and also versatile for both day time and evening which is always a big plus in my book.

I really hope you guys have enjoyed all of the gift guides this week and that they make your holiday shopping easier. I'll be sure to update my Holiday Shop with any extra goodies I find over the next few weeks. 


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