9 Products You'll Love For Sunless Summer Skin

Summer always flies by too fast. But this year feels like we've been in triple time! It's hard to believe August is here. And while I love, love, love fall, I'm not quite ready to let go of our summer days. I love our late light nights that end with sticky rainbow sherbet hands and twirls. Our pool days complete with flamingo rides and water ballet. Our picnics at the lake, too many trips to the park. It's just so fun having a young kid this time of year.

Another thing I love about summer is sun-kissed skin. Admittedly, I always let myself get a little sun, because I don't think there is quite anything like it. But, only a little. I'm quite wary of wrinkles and very aware of how I seem to be aging lately. So my favorite way to get a bronze glow is with beauty products. These nine products are long time staples that have never steered me wrong. They're a perfect compliment to some fun in the sun-- especially the sunscreen! And what I love about all of them is that they keep my skin looking healthy and bronzed year round. As always, I'm up for trying something new, so if there's a product you swear by, I'd love to know! Leave a note in the comments!

I can't even remember how many years I have been using this tinted moisturizer and bronzer. The SPF moisturizer is really light, and I love the dewy look of the illuminated formula. (I use "Natural Radiance.") The bronzer also feels light and goes on great. I really love the way it smells, too. (My color is Number 30.) This blush stick is perfect for sun kissed cheeks and the formula is amazing. Nothing too thick and it really stays in place. I'm obsessed with it. (I use Number 23.) Chanel also makes this liquid bronzer which is really pretty and luminescent. It's too much paired with my moisturizer, but by itself it's really nice. It's also great if you want to brush a little on your collar bone, etc. 

I love this SPF hand cream. The travel size is perfect for my bag, and I am constantly applying it. Hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging, so I try to be diligent. I also love this body lotion. The sun and chlorine can be so drying on my sensitive skin, so keeping it hydrated is important. I'm still working on my water intake, but do know that helps a ton too.

I have never been a big fan of sunless tanners. I always find them tough to apply, stinky, and streaky. If you're in Chicago and you want to splurge on a professional air brush tan, I love Glo. They girls are so sweet and their tan is beautiful. At home, I love to use this gradual tan build lotion. It's the first one I've found that smells pleasant. The color is really natural and I've had no issues with streakiness. (I use the "Light/Medium.")

Last but not least is sunscreen. I've mentioned before this sunscreen is thick, so I can see how the consistency wouldn't be for everyone, but I love that it doesn't smell like sunscreen, that it's safe and natural, and that we've never had a burn in our house.

Hope you enjoy this last stretch of summer! xo