My Three Favorite Bruschettas

I love making bruschetta. They are easy make, easy to eat and always seem to be a crowd pleaser. While I love a traditional bruschetta, I have a few other combos for toppers I love even more. With all of our summer entertaining, BBQs, and playdates, I feel like I've been making these a ton lately. I like to use medium slices of artisian french baguette for ours and since it's summer, I throw them on the grill for a minute to toast one side.

1. Peach + Mozzarella Bruschetta

This is a spin on a caprese salad only instead of tomatoes, I use peaches. I top the bread with 1 slice of fresh buffalo mozzarella, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, two thin slices of peach, and a fresh basil leaf. It is so summery and refreshing. I love it.

2. Apple + Brie Bruschetta

I have yet to find anyone who doesn't like this one! It's so good. I take a dollop of apricot jam and line the bread round. Then I add a slice of brie cheese and top with two thin apple slices. I like the granny smith with brie cheese- the tartness is a great compliment.

3. Ricotta + Honey Bruschetta

This combination is the most unique and guests love it. I take a scoop of ricotta cheese and add it to the bread. Then I drizzle honey over the cheese and top with a few shelled pistachios. The salt from the nuts and sweet from the honey is a delicious combination.

Which combination is your favorite? Any other toppings you love? xo