Living Room Legacy Wall

I love the idea of having a legacy wall in our home. We created one in our last place and I was eager to make a new one in our new place. We are using most of the pictures from our old place downstairs in our family room above the sofa..They are a variety of sizes and no two frames are alike. I'll have to share more on that soon! Upstairs, I wanted something more symmetrical and a bit larger. It took me a while to find pretty and affordable frames I love, but I found these gold frames earlier this summer and was finally ready to pull the trigger and start planning our legacy wall. A collection of nine fits nicely in the space we have, though we could have done more.

Once I knew the frame size, I was able to order prints. I wanted the photos hung vertically, and it turns out many of our photos are horizontal, so that helped narrow down my selection. Thankfully! :) We have so many great ones to choose from and, for fear of making an imperfect choice,  commitment/decisiveness has never been my strong suit. {Insert teeth grinding, weery emjoi here!} These days, I know that done is better than perfect, and that we'll likely update some of the photos through the years anyway. I ordered our prints on Their site was recommended to us by a photographer we have used (Lauren Enright Photography!) and we love them. The quality of prints is amazing and they are super inexpensive with really quick delivery. When I received the prints, I laid them out 3x3 a few different ways to see which placement I liked the best.

In terms of hanging the picture frames...I am such a visual person, that I wanted to see it before we nailed anything into the wall. I measured my frames exactly and then made paper replicas of all the frames using printer paper and scotch tape. I measured the height and width of the area we were using and was able to determine the spacing that would work well with the number of frames we had. Once I had an idea where I wanted them, I taped them all to the wall. I left them there for a couple days to be sure I didn't want to move them or add any others. When I was ready to commit, I measured where the hook was on the frame to be sure we nailed there as opposed to the top of the frame. (And easy mistake to make!)

I'm so happy this project is finally done. It makes our living room feel much more home-y and the joy and gratitude I feel when I see these photos from the last few years is the best.

Do you have a legacy wall in your home? xo