Family Photos!

I've always been obsessed with photos. Even before the digital age, I rarely went anywhere without my disposable camera, and almost always overspent on hour long processing because I just couldn't wait to see the memories I captured. Since having Olivia, my obsession has grown. I am so thankful that pictures help me capture each sweet stage along with many memories in this favorite season of my life.

We took newborn photos, 6 month photos and 1 year photos, and I swore after that we would take family pictures every year. I love the idea of celebrating our family in different stages with keepsake images that we will cherish forever. Fall is an ideal time to take pictures here (and also great timing for Olivia's birthday) but it's also the busiest time of year for our family with work schedules, lots of birthdays, cross country meets and more.

Last year we were so busy with our usual fall, AND we were in the midst of buying our first place and I just let family photos fall to the wayside. This year, I really wanted to make it happen, so when I saw one of my favorite photographers, Simply By Suzy was offering last minute mini sessions, we jumped on the opportunity and booked a time slot with her for just a few days later. If you're wondering, yes, this is totally against my planning nature, but honestly, it was sort of perfect. I didn't have time to worry about anything!

Olivia's very first (and long time favorite!) tutu was this peach one. So much so that I ordered it in the next size. She's just about outgrown that one too, but when I asked her what she wanted to wear for our pictures, it was of course, her favorite "bow tutu." She also asked if she could wear her ballet slippers from class; which she often does, and at some point I stopped saying no, because why not? She loves them so much, and I just pay extra attention where we're walking. :)

The night of our shoot was absolutely gorgeous. It was a quintessential summer night with golden light, and the greatest breeze. We had the best time twirling in the flowers and tip toeing by the lake. Our little trio loves our summer. Our late, light nights and dewy skin. Olivia's little ringlets on the back of her neck while she dances her heart out in her filthy pink ballet slippers. Sticky ice cream hands while we watch for the pink sky. They're some of my favorite times and this night was all of that and more. Suzy, is so talented and we had wanted to work with her for a while. She could not have captured our little fam any perfectly. I am so so happy it worked out.

When I got the photos back from Suzy last week, (who by the way, also happens to be the sweetest, nicest person you will want to be your new best friend), I looked through the images with teary eyes and the most grateful heart. The essence of our family lives in these images, and I am so, so thankful she captured us in this amazing season. These loves of my life in our favorite city, our favorite season, and our favorite places. Goodness am I grateful. Thank you Suzy for such a memorable night. For sharing your gift with us, and for these very treasured photos. xo

My Tank // Skirt // Sandals, J.Crew, similar here // Earrings

Olivia's Tutu, Gap, similar here // Ballet Shoes // Bow

Chris' Pants // Shirt // Belt // Shoes