Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Moon Theater!! 

If you haven't seen SING, it's absolutely darling. It's Olivia's favorite, and I don't even know how many times we've watched it. It's no surprise my animal loving, always performing, ballerina sweetie loves this movie, and it's also no surprise she wanted to dress up like a character from it for Halloween. Admittedly, it was slightly hilarious she wanted to be the middle aged mama pig instead of one of the younger characters, but her decision was followed quickly with "and daddy in Gunther, my dance partner." Those two and their dances never get old. Their sweetness is another level.

She then instantly identified a character for me, my mom and brother and Chris' parents. It was so sweet. She was so excited she even started giving supporting characters to all of her stuffed animals. :) Since this was a while ago, I thought there may be a chance she'd change her mind, but she hasn't wavered once and she has been practically tortured by what must have felt like the never ending days counting down to Halloween. She just couldn't wait.


We went to Halloween on Southport last year for our 4th annual trip. Our whole family comes and it's just become so special for us. I love these traditions she can count on and always remember. (It's an iPhone snap sorry if it's not the best quality! But--) This picture fills my heart with SO MUCH JOY. My little girl is loved so well. Six grown ups who didn't even blink at the request of dressing up as their assigned character. She is so lucky to have every one of them. It was absolutely freezing but we really had a great time. Olivia came home and dumped out her bucket to check out her candy and then quickly told her "friends" all about it. I love how she said she "danced with Gunther on Southport!"

Thank you to Bob, Judi, my mom and uncle Nolan for making Halloween so special for her! And special thanks to Gigi for helping with her costume for the 4th year in a row. Can you believe she also painted that SING pumpkin free hand?!

Tonight we are taking her for her first trick or treating trip. She can hardly wait!! I'm so excited. Our families are coming over beforehand and Olivia and I spent the morning yesterday making some easy snacks to enjoy at our place or on the go between candy. They're all so easy to do you can make them on your lunch break and surprise your co-workers or while your babe is napping today for an afternoon surprise.

Grab yourself a sharpie and draw some cute faces on your oranges and string cheese for jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. It doesn't get any easier than these.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can make these cute little ghost pretzles and spider webs.

For the ghosts-- 

I already had yogurt dipped pretzels in our cabinet, so I used those. But you can certainly make those from scratch too. I melted a small bowl of white chocolate chips and used it to adhere these candy eyes. Let them dry for about 15 minutes and you're good to go.

The spider webs are a little trickier but still easy to manage. Using small stick pretzels arrange your sticks into an asertix shape. I used 8 per web. Next you'll want to melt more white chocolate chips and mix well. Pour the mixture in a piping bag, or ziplock back (and simply cut the tip of one of the bottom corners) and then place a dot of mixture onto the center of each web to make sure they stay together well. Then create two circles, one inner and one outer, connecting all the pretzels. Again, let these dry for about 15 minutes and you're good to enjoy. I added some cute little spiders for extra fun.

Of course Olivia's creations were my favorite!! And here are a couple pics of her from last night! My little Rosita!  I hope you all have a great Halloween! xoxo