White Pumpkins: 3 Ways

It's probably not surprising that white pumpkins are my pumpkin of choice. Of course the orange ones are fun and festive, but the white ones have my heart and we always end up with a house full of them. I love them on their own, but also dressed up.

Here are my three favorite accessories for your pretty white pumpkins. 

1.  A Bow: It takes all of 30 seconds to tie a bow onto your pumpkin and it's the sweetest addition. Any color will do, just be sure to choose a good width for your size pumpkin. We have ours in her room and it's darling. She loves it. :)

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2. A Straw: Now, I don't know if this has quite the same feel as drinking from a pineapple, but petite pumpkin cups are so fun and perfect for your iced Chai Tea or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Simply cut the top and scoop the insides out ,and then add a small hole for the straw on the side near the top. A pie pumpkin may be a more ideal size in terms of beverage quantity but I love how easy these are to hold.

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3. A Buffalo Check Pattern: Of course over here we love blush gingham, but grey, navy, black and so many other colors would be adorable, too. I'm sharing a quick little how-to for this cutie below! I just love how it turned out!

So what do you think? Which is your favorite? xo

So Dressed Up White Pumpkin 3 Ways (14 of 20).jpg

Buffalo Check Pumpkin How To:

I used acrylic pink paint and a flat paint brush to help with the lines. Don't worry if yours aren't perfect. It's hard to do on the curved surface of the pumpkin. Mine certainly aren't, and I think it still turned out great. If you are planning to use it as a vase or wanted the top to be removable for any other reason, I would definitely cut that first. 

1. Paint your vertical stripes. I had a small/medium pumpkin and I did five. I tried to follow the natural curve of the pumpkin and spaced them as evenly as possible.

2. Paint your horizontal stripes. I would think for most pumpkins two would be good, but you can of course do more. I recommend trying to just connect the two vertical lines so that you are working more in pieces instead of trying to do one big stripe around.

3. This is the most important step. To make the darker checks you will need to adjust your paint color. I added red to my pink to make it darker. In hindsight, I could have just lightened the pink with white for the stripes and then used the original colors for the darker checks. Either way works. Whichever batch you mix, just make sure you have enough made so that you don't have to try to recreate the same ratio/color again. It will be hard to do that and I think the consistency is important. Fill in your squares with the darker paint color.

4. Let it dry and enjoy! <3