16 Velvet Pieces I Love

When velvet first started to make it's appearance as a trend I struggled to get on board. It looked so pretty on other people, but all I could think of was my never ending collection of crushed velvet leotards from my life as a competitive gymnast. I couldn't get past it for myself.  ;)

Slowly, the trend has grown on me, and recently, I am full on in love. It's so elegant and I just love it for the holidays. There are so many gorgeous pieces to choose from right now and I love all of the different colors we're seeing in this fabric, too. If you're hesitant like I was initially, you can ease your way into it with smaller accessories like this darling hair tie, a pair of gorgeous shoes or even a clutch. I just ordered this bow one and I can't wait to start using it. (Only $37!)

When I saw this skirt at the store, I couldn't believe it was under $25. It's always nice to find well priced pieces for your trendier items or when you want to try a new look out to be sure you like it without committing too much from your wallet. I am seriously eyeing this dress, and I love how pretty the navy velvet is on this little pouch

So what do you think? Will you wear velvet this season?

So Dressed Up Velvet Pieces.jpg