Make it Happen!

With January comes the excitement of a refresh. The feeling of a clean slate with nothing but room for dreams and goals. I love seeing people so encouraged along with hearing their resolutions. While it can be thrilling, sometimes endless lists of ideas and ambitions can feel overwhelming. For anyone needing help or looking to take goal setting to a deeper level, I wanted to share something that really changed me.

Enter the Make it Happen two day intensive.  Last year something was calling me to go to this conference. Honestly, I didn't even know exactly what I was signing up for, but I couldn't ignore that voice in my heart and I went ahead and did it anyway.

Thank goodness.

The intensive was founded by Lara Casey, the author of Make it Happen, creator of Southern Weddings and Cultivate What Matters. She is a love warrior, an inspiration and such a passionate woman so dedicated and committed to helping women live their most intentional and joyful life. She has such a gift. If you don't follow her, find her now.

This workshop is not like any others I've seen. In fact, it's hard to really put the experience into words.  This workshop has a truly unique ability to reach so many people at different seasons in their lives. At the end of the experience, many of the attendees (including myself) said going into the conference, they thought they were going to address something else than what actually came up for them, or that they walked away with something so much more than they expected. Example: I thought I would get some great perspective on redefining my business, juggling entrepreneur, mom and wife; finding some balance in my tough season. And I did some..but I never anticipated the "ah-ha" moment that stopped me in my tracks. I finally, really, truly, realized how exhausting and paralyzing my perfectionism was and how hard that was on those who love me. And on me. Almost a year later, and I feel so happy with my changed perspective. Done is better than perfect.

It's not for the faint of heart, but if you are ready to really dig deep, it is a powerful and transformative experience that will really help you uncover your core, identify what matters most, and help you outline how to make that happen. 

It changed my life. It sounds dramatized, but I kid you not, when I left that sweet Carolina Inn, I felt like I didn't even remember the woman I was when I arrived just two days prior.  I actually *just* welled up with tears watching the promo video from last year when I grabbed the link to post for you guys. It's truly that powerful of an experience and I am so, so grateful for it. (You can catch a teeny glimpse of me chatting with the incredible Erin Jackson of Madison Lane Photography and Catherine Marks of Classic Catherine.) 

Which brings me to community! The community is incredible. Sweet Erin is someone I value so much. I had no idea I would make such a friend and support system in the luck of sitting next to her. In the first few minutes of chatting, we found out we share a last name and wedding anniversary! And the rest, as they say, is history. We stay in touch and I just know that she is always cheering me on, and I hope she knows I am for her. The workshop is packed of loving, driven, supportive, amazing people. 

 If you're feeling really stuck, or overwhelmed and are really looking for a change, check it out. This year it's March 20-21 and the early bird rate is good until the end of the month. You won't be sorry. I am so looking forward to going down to sweet Chapel Hill for this again someday when the right season calls.