Happy New Year!

Hello 2018!!

I hope you all had a great New Year! We spent the Eve twirling in our fancy dresses with crowns and take out and bed time way before midnight. It was perfect. 

As with every new year, I am heading into January with a lofty list of goals and dreams that I am eager to accomplish. Many of them are on my 35 Before 35 list. (And I am happy to report I've already crossed a few of them off since October!!) There are lots left to tackle and I'll be sure to update you throughout the year.

Beyond that list, I am really committed to using my Power Sheets this year. If you aren't familiar with them and also consider yourself a recovering perfectionist and list lover, you should definitely check them out. Lara Casey and her grace filled goal setting technique are truly one of a kind. They are a great way to help you cultivate what matters most.

While I do have tasks and trips and line item type things I'd like to cross off this year, I'm mostly focused on nurturing and growing a certain lifestyle. I want a life that's rich in experiences and so joyful. That's intentional and grateful, beautiful and loving. I want our home to be full of love and laughter. A place Olivia can always count on, that breathes our traditions. Where we share healthy meals around the table together and have too many photographs on display, with our story tucked in every nook and cranny.

A few things I really want to focus on:

Self Care: For years I haven't been the best at staying on top of my routine checkups at the dentist, the dermatologist, the doctor...all of it. It's so silly and irresponsible and I am really committed to changing this. I am so grateful for my health and I want to be sure I take care of myself. 

I also want to continue working on my daily water intake and remembering to take my multivitamins. 

Running also became an unexpected hobby for me last year and I really want to stick with it. The negative temps outside make it really easy to forget about the half marathon that I signed up for! But I want to really stay committed to my training program. I really enjoy the time to myself and feel so grateful my body lets me run.  It also helps me organize my thoughts, and I feel so much better for the rest of the day once the run is over. 

I also want to be better about meal planning and being more creative in the kitchen. Meal planning is something we started last year, and I really enjoy it more than I thought I would. It felt daunting initially, but it really makes the hectic week nights and our grocery shopping both easier and more intentional. During the week (and sometimes also the weekend,) dinner is our only time together as a family, so it's important to me that we can have a nutritious meal together around the table that is made with love and joy, not stress and panic. I really love this time to connect together. For January, we decided we wouldn't eat out (not even a coffee!) and that we would try ten new dinners. So far, so good.

Gratitude: This is something I have really come a long way with. Being a perfectionist by nature, it's easy to get caught up in wanting more, or wanting something to be even just a little bit better instead of just loving and feeling such gratitude for exactly where I am and what I have. I want to be sure I focus on this throughout each day. For quite some time, I have said a gratitude prayer before bed, and I want to start including Olivia in this. I loved hearing her answers when we talked about being thankful around Thanksgiving, and I really want her to be aware of our blessings and learn the art of a grateful heart. I think it would be a really nice addition to her bedtime routine. 

I know it's obvious my obsession with Olivia and motherhood is next level. Sometimes I still can't believe the gift of being that little love's mama. It's just so much more than I ever imagined. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been at home with her the last three years. It's the greatest gift in the world and I know without a doubt, these days have been my happiest. We are planning to send Olivia to pre-school in the fall and possibly some sort of summer program, and because of that, this winter and spring are feeling really sacred to me. We are on the last leg of a very sweet season and I just want to take it all in. I want to be better about putting my phone down and jotting down the adorable things she says and does instead of worrying about what may still be left on my to-do list.. I want to just really enjoy these last months of having her all to myself and make as many sweet memories as we can. I'm even thinking of doing a winter bucket list with her. (Stay tuned!) 

Writing: Something in the universe is telling me to write these days. A few times, I've been reminded of my childhood dreams of becoming a writer. How "Young Authors" was my favorite time of the school year. Maybe it's here on the blog, maybe it's those children's books in my heart, but I'm excited to write more and I want to really try to make time to. I do have a journalism degree after all...

I've got some really fun and beautiful things in store for the blog and I can't wait to get some fresh content your way. My hope is always to send you ideas, recipes, fashion, sale info, anything I can to help make your days easier and more joyful. If you haven't already completed my survey, I'd really love it if you do! Once you do, you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Amazon or Nordstrom (winner's choice!) I'll be announcing the winner Friday.

Thank you again for being with me on this journey. I'm wishing you a very healthy, happy, stylish new year!