Our Summer Bucket List

Our Summer Bucket List

With the cool temps we've been having it hasn't exactly felt like summer is on the horizon. But I am optimistic a heat wave is coming soon and I am so excited for magical, late, light nights, sticky ice cream hands, pool days and so much more. Yesterday marked the first official day of summer and I couldn't be happier.

Summer is always a family favorite for us. Chris still works all summer, but it's a little less stressful and time consuming than the school year and cross country /track seasons. We get a little bit more quality time for our trio and we always look forward to those ten weeks before the next school year starts. 

We just recently made our final selection for Olivia's pre-school next year and more than ever I am wanting to cherish this summer. Even though I'm still going to have her two days a week, the reality of our sweetest, happiest, best ever mama and me season is coming to a close and it's weighing very heavily on my heart.  I feel like I am practically sending her to college and am already wondering if I have done the best job during these first (almost four!) precious, important, developmentally delicate years. A post for another time...but my point being I feel like this is my last summer with my girl before school and summer camp next year and I want to be so intentional about spending it well and making it one we will never forget.

Part of this intention for me involves a little less screen time...here on the blog and on social media. I'll still be sharing some things along the way, but please bear with me these next several weeks while we enjoy this special summer as a family and know that there is a lot of goodness coming your way a more regularity/frequency will be coming this fall!

We had a a lot of fun working our way through our winter bucket list and I decided it would be fun to start one for summer. Our list is below and I'll be adding to it if anything else comes up. Do you have one? If so, what's on yours? I'd love to know!


1. Have more pool days than we can count.

2. Now that Olivia likes sand, (something I still can't get over!) head to the beach for a long day of messy, sunny fun.

3. Set up and have Olivia's first lemonade stand.

4. Make it up late to watch the fireworks for Independence Day (or at least try to!)

5. Go berry picking.

6. Have regular picnics at the lake.

7. Go Back to School (or should I say, First Time to School?!) shopping with Olivia!

8. Enjoy ice cream cones and pink skies.

9. Take Olivia to a waterpark.

10. Attend one carnival.

11. Make s'mores.

12. Attend at least one movie in the park.

13. Stargaze.

14. Take a boat outing!

15. Take a small getaway for the 3 of us.