16 Ballet Faves

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed my daughter is obsessed with ballet. She generally prefers to wear a tutu all day and also to bed. She often begs to wear her 'ballet shoes from class, mama' outside. She tippy toes, twirls, and chassés everywhere we go. She dances alongside Angelina Ballerina any chance she gets and her Thursday morning class is her favorite time of the week. It's mine, too.

It's been one year since she started her beloved ballet lessons. I had no idea she would love it as much as she does. We initially signed up because it was one of the only mommy and me options for 18 month olds.  It has been one of my biggest joys seeing her fall in love with ballet. She is so, so happy. She is always so focused in class and her passion for it is something everyone notices. She picks things up in an instant and loves to perform. It's just so sweet. My little star. She's two-tu much as I like to say :) In seriousness though, I love seeing her do something that lights her up so, so much. There's nothing like it.

As you can imagine, our house is full of ballerina goodies and in honor of her one year ballet-iverary, I'm sharing some of our favorites. For the tippy toeing toddlers in your life, you will love everything on our list.

These bath squirties are so adorable. We've loved them for a long time and she often brings a dry one with her in her purse when we leave :) This tutu is one of our faves. We love Monica and Andy and their organic cotton designs and this dress with the extra removable layer of tulle feels so special. This book is one of our absolute favorites. She loves it so much and the story and illustrations are just too sweet. We also love this book which my Mother in Law found for her. We love it, and bonus- the small size makes it extra portable. These ballet shoes are our favorite and this cute little puzzle comes with us everywhere. I love that in comes in a soft zipper pouch. We got her this tiny tutu mouse on our first family vacay before we knew about the ballet love affair. Olivia adored her then and of course, she does now, too.

These pants have been a life saver on freezing days when tights aren't enough but my girl can't leave the house without a tutu. I just found these ballet inspired shoes and I can only imagine her face when I tell her these ballet slippers are ones she can wear to the park :) We will definitely have to get these.  She got this ballerina doll for Christmas and it's another piece that feels so special. 

My grandma gave her this adorable personalized ballet book. It's seriously precious. She also loves these ballet flash cards, as we call them, to show off some of her moves, and Angelina Ballerina on Amazon Prime has become a staple for us. 

Come bed time, if she's willing to trade her tutu for actual pajamas, this is one of the sets she loves. She also prefers to never take these slippers off. We have two pair. :) And this adorable blanket! She would be so thrilled to snuggle with a tutu blanket...another thing we may need to add to our shopping list!


Ballet Final2.jpg