Five Swans A Swimming! Olivia's Fifth Birthday!

Seven, er- FIVE swans a swimming! Our ballerina princess turned five and I just kinda can’t believe it. It seems like it’s just been the sweetest blink since her baby days, and I am so proud of my big girl.

Olivia loves to help plan anything…What can I say…she is her mother’s daughter :) When we started talking about themes for her big five, we went through alllllot of different ideas and she really wanted to do ballet again. (Which would be three years in a row if you’ve been following for a while. :) ) Then out of no where one day she declared she wanted a princess swan ballerina party, and after not wavering for a couple weeks, we ran with it. Swans are super sweet and girly with obvious ballet ties and when she decided to have her “friend party” at a water park, it all just clicked.

With pre-k friends and camp friends, along with our family friends, this was the first year it really felt like she was having a big kid party and it was so sweet. We celebrated at a waterpark and she had such a blast. Both of her grandmas even made it down the big curly slide and she got such a kick out of it! {You can see a peek of that invite that my mom made her below!}

fifth birthday (7 of 10).jpg

For the first time, her actual birthday fell on a Sunday which meant Chris was home with us all day to celebrate which was really fun. It was such a sweet and special day. She wanted to go to the park, have a party at home with her grandparents and give everyone a big birthday performance. She and daddy started discussing music and choreography weeks before the big day :)

Though she had never loved swans before choosing this theme (and I initially thought it was sort of strange for that very reason!) I had a lot of fun sourcing cute decor and decorating for her birthday celebration at home. I was a little out of my element with feathers :) but when I found these blush beauties, I knew they were perfect for my girl. As always, she wanted everything pink and girly with some sparkle.

Olivia and I both love how it turned out and we are so grateful to all of our friends and family who made her big fifth birthday so special. I still cannot believe I have a kindergartener!

And! Thanks for all the sweet messages on FB and Insta for our girl, too! We so appreciate you loving on her! <3

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fifth birthday (10 of 11)-2.jpg
fifth birthday (7 of 11)-2.jpg
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fifth birthday (3 of 11)-2.jpg
fifth birthday (4 of 11)-2.jpg
fifth birthday (8 of 11)-2.jpg
fifth birthday (9 of 11).jpg
fifth birthday (6 of 10).jpg
fifth birthday (1 of 1).jpg

These paper swans are so gorgeous! I ordered them for her cupcakes (which I somehow forgot to photograph!) and we had some left over that I used to make the chair garland. The owner was so incredibly sweet to work with. She even upgraded me to expedited shipping on her dime because she wanted to be sure they arrived in time. I can’t wait to work with her again!

These blush feathers were so perfect for us! I did a mix of the 4-6” size and 9-12” size.

We couldn’t resist the Swan Balloon and Swan Gift Bags when we saw them. I loved the swan with these pink balloons and the big number 5 balloon.

I made the dish towel for Olivia using this patch.

I really love how the tabletop came together with these Swan paper plates, paper cups, dessert cups, dessert plates, napkins, flatware (sooo obsessed with this!), and these straws.

These swan princess tattoos were perfect for the occasion!

I couldn’t resist this pink feather crown for her. It was so perfect and it was so sweet with this wand,

Olivia doesn’t like we always do a mix of cookies, candy and sorbet. We have gotten her birthday cookies from Toni’s every year. They are crazy delicious and so gorgeous.

We used pink candles for her morning pancakes and then this swan candle for her bowl of gummis later in the night.

When I saw these sequin wet bags I knew they were the perfect party favor for all the little girls. So great for their wet swimsuits after the water party party and/or for use as a future purse and they felt so Swan Lake to me. I love these little guys too.

One of her (our!) most loved gifts this year was this digital camera for kiddos. I guess I take a lot of photos, because she was always asking me to photograph things she loved, or thought were special— anywhere we went! So when I saw this, I scooped it up and she has been carrying it with her everywhere ever since. It’s been so fun seeing her sweet little snaps.

When I saw this new ballerina swan from one of our favorite companies, I couldn’t wait for her to play with it. I also love this ballet barre which is the perfect size for her new swan lovie and her new American Girl doll. The two of them in this is just too much! :)

If I missed any sources, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below or feel free to email me!