Floral Grapefruit Fizz

I am so excited to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. I think a beautiful brunch is always a great way to celebrate the women you love. Brunch always makes the day feel more lovely, doesn't it? I was inspired to make a pretty and tasty cocktail that would be the perfect addition for your MD celebration plans (or any other gorgeous brunch plans you may have!) I'm calling it The Floral Grapefruit Fizz. (Totally open to other suggestions!?) And as always, this drink is really easy to make. I hope you love it as much as I do!

You'll need:

Your favorite bottle of bubbly

Grapefruit juice

St. Germain

Fresh grapefruit

Fresh mint

Pour your glass with equal parts champagne and grapefruit juice. Add one pour (approximately 20ml) of St. Germain. Then add one slice of fresh grapefruit and fresh mint leaves for garnish. Sip and savour!

And if you have a mama in your group that needs a mocktail, simply swap the alcohol for sparkling grapefruit flavored water. It's equally delicious!

I hope you enjoy these cutie cocktails! And I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day!