Bunny Ice Cream Cones

I'm sure you've noticed by now we are all about Easter over here. Our place is feeling nice and springy thanks to some home updates and our bunny love affair is ever growing. You may remember, Olivia's favorite treat is ice cream, so I decided to make her these darling bunny ice cream cones. They are so easy to make and she couldn't get enough of the cuteness or the deliciousness. Neither could I. 

You will need:

Vanilla Ice Cream: I made vanilla ice cream using the Williams Sonoma starter kit, along with heavy whipping cream and half and half. You can also just buy vanilla ice cream :)

Marshmallows: You can use store bought, or make your own. My recipe is here.

Pink Sugar

Sugar Cones (or whatever your favorite kind is)

To make the ears: This time around, I used store bought marshmallows. Simply cut the marshmallows in half diagonally and coat the sticky side in pink sanding sugar. I ordered mine from here.

Then all you have to do is scoop your ice cream into your cone and add two bunny ears. Then just hop, devour, repeat. :)

I hope you love this as much as we do! xo