Gifts For Girls

Hooray! The most wonderful time of the year us upon us!

You may recall from last year that I like to do all of my holiday shopping in November. Gift giving is one of my love languages. I just love finding something thoughtful for my loved ones and this time of year, I find I enjoy it even more when I am organized in advanced. Being intentional about gift giving makes such a big difference not only in my actual experience shopping but also for our family during this time of year. I love that checking this big task off my seasonal to-do list allows me to really focus on enjoying the season with my family and friends; making memories, honoring traditions and just really embracing the magic.

There were soooo many requests for gift guides over on my Instagram polls and I’m so excited to share the first one with you today. This year, I’ll be doing kiddos a little bit differently. You all asked for separate guides for boys, girls, and babies, so I’m going to give that a whirl. I initially hesitated because I think many gifts can overlap for kiddos, but I do understand how this can streamline things for some people. Just keep in mind as you’re shopping that often times there is another version in a different color and by no means am I trying to limit what a child may like based on gender. I really hope you find some inspiration for the littles you love. <3

There were also lots of requests for a wellness gift guide which I am really excited about! And unanimously, you all want gift ideas for men! (They CAN be so hard to buy for can’t they?!!) So those are all coming up soon along with another one or two for women. So stay tuned!

So, first up in the series is gift ideas for little girls! There are so many sweet, girly gifts, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites but here they are!

So Dressed Up 2018 Gifts For Girls.jpg

Canopy: This is such a fun addition to a bedroom or playroom and one that I think has a long shelf life. We have one in Olivia’s bedroom and she has loved it for long time and I don’t see her tiring of it any time soon. We have pillows under hers and she loves to play and also read under it. They are also great because they can give the same effect as other teepees/tents/playhouses but don’t take up as much room.

Doll: This doll feels so special. She isn’t too big which makes her the perfect size for carrying around and she’s also soft which means she’s great for snuggles, too. I can’t believe she’s only $20!

Blocks: Blocks are another big hit at our house. I love the imagination it fosters and it never gets old seeing Olivia’s creativity in action.

Suitcase: This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It’s not only adorable in design but it’s really functional and even has a little outer band to hold lovies while you’re travelling. I can’t! I think we may be getting this for Olivia to have for our trip to Disney in March.

Tutu: This is an obvious choice at our house, but even for girls who are willing to wear another fabric it’s a fun choice for something playful, special, or even for dress up.

Jewelry Box: I think every girl needs a beautiful jewelry box to hold her precious pieces. I still remember the music mine played as a little girl!

Crown + Wand: This is such a fun little gift for a girl who loves to be fancy or play pretend.

Shoes: These are the prettiest little shoes! The color is beautiful and the glitter makes them so magical and perfect for this time of year.

Scrunchie: I love this playful accessory to complete an outfit or as a fun stocking stuffer.

Nail polish: We have loved Ella + Mila for a long time. They offer a huge range of colors (as well as remover!) and everything is completely safe and non toxic which is my number one priority for anything going on my girl.

Vanity: This is sort of the ultimate girl’s gift. When we saw this at the store Olivia sat right down and I could see her wheels start to turn. It was the sweetest sight. It’s sure to provide many cherished memories.

Doll House: I love this spin on a more traditional dollhouse. This castle is so fun and I love the royal family that’s available for purchase too. It’s on Olivia’s wishlist, too :)

Tea Set: We love a tea party over here! Olivia spends so much time hosting parties and cooking in her kitchen- it’s such fun! A pretty tea set is such a sweet gift. This version is ceramic so it’s great for girls who are a little bit older.

Book: For every holiday and birthday we give Olivia at least 1-2 books. This one is one of our all time favorites. From the great story to the beautiful illustrations, it’s sure to be a hit.