Grown Up Easter Basket

We are on the heels of the spring, and we officially have Easter on the brain at our house. I have so many cute things coming up and today I'm excited to share my grown up Easter Basket. I especially love this idea as a hostess gift for your Easter Sunday celebrations. I included a delicious bottle of rose, a delightful candle, a set of pretty dish towels, some beautiful blooms, and the most darling bunny place card holders (and I really love them as food labels too!)  I am really obsessed with these. You would never guess they are from the Target bonus bins. Only $3 a pair! I think I may go buy more.

Of course, the possibilities of what to include are endless. I think this sweet mix is not only the perfect way to thank your hosts,  I also think this would be a really lovely gift for your mom or grandmother. Easter baskets are usually just for kiddos, but I love the idea of doing something nice for the special grown ups you love, too!

Grab a basket and some gorgeous blooms and decorate to your liking. You can tuck them into the weave of the basket, or secure with them wire or glue- whatever you prefer. Fill it with a few items you know the recipient will adore and gift with love!