Valentine's Day Teddy Treats

I have been wanting to do a fun and easy Valentine's Day project with Olivia and just came up with this great, under-ten-minute DIY delight.

Conversation hearts are kind of the quintessential Valentine's Day treat, no? I decided to combine them with one of her favorites, graham crackers, for a super easy and adorable, little goodie.

All you will need:

Teddy Grahams

Conversation Hearts

Icing (I had organic strawberry on hand, but any kind will work)

Carefully dab a tiny bit of icing on the back of a conversation heart and then adhere the heart to one teddy bear. Repeat until you can't handle the cuteness anymore! That's it. Easiest ever, right?! This was the perfect afternoon activity for her. It was so quick and she really liked making them. The best part? Her sweet little voice, with the biggest smile saying, "teddies look so cute holding hearts mama!"

Enjoy!! xoxo